Integrated Management System

TANAP is aware that quality, occupational health & safety, and environmental and social issues are of primary importance in the success of the TANAP Project in all of its functions and activities. TANAP will always carry out its obligations with the highest quality and care so as to minimize the impact on health, safety, the environment and communities, ensuring that all related risks and tasks are appropriately identified, assessed and mitigated. The health and safety of our employees and of third parties shall always take precedence over profit. As such, the Integrated Management System shall be afforded the necessary priority.

The following principles are an integral part of TANAP’s Integrated Management System policy:

  • TANAP implements an effective and dynamic Integrated Management System that is applicable to all its activities. This process-based system is fully compliant with, and covers all aspects of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.
  • TANAP implements all necessary safety measures to prevent accidents and harm to the health of its employees and to the other parties whose health may be affected by our operations, and to prevent occupational diseases related to the environmental and social impacts of the project.
  • TANAP believes that health, safety, and environmental and social issues are the responsibility of those at all levels in TANAP, and all our contractors & suppliers are obliged to act in line with TANAP standards.
  • TANAP forbids reprisals against any employee who objects to, or refuses to carry out any task under unsafe conditions.
  • TANAP has developed Emergency Response Plans to be applied in response to accidents and emergencies that may occur in all TANAP activities.
  • TANAP has developed Incident Investigation Procedures to ensure all incidents are investigated so as to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.
  • TANAP prevents pollution and protect the environment and communities by implementing a mitigation hierarchy aimed at avoidance, reduction, restoration and, where appropriate, off-setting of the adverse impacts of its activities.
  • TANAP aims to contribute to sustainable development and to provide net benefits to the conservation of biodiversity.
  • TANAP ensures transparency and stakeholder accountability through regular and free dialogue on social, environmental, safety, security and other relevant issues, implemented through consultations.
  • TANAP pays particular attention to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, and establishes an independent mechanism to ensure concerns and grievances are addressed in a timely, impartial and transparent manner.
  • TANAP seeks to avoid involuntary resettlements and mitigate the impacts of economic displacement through careful planning and the implementation of appropriate measures to mitigate adverse impacts on displaced persons who may have lost their sources of income.
  • TANAP supports the economic and social development of communities and deliver positive benefits through sustainable social investment programs for the communities along the TANAP Pipeline route.
  • TANAP provides high-quality systems, components, services and solutions that, taking into account facility and risk considerations, consistently meet the needs of its projects, works, ventures and installations, and that thus protect the interests of TANAP, the Host Government, the stakeholders and our business partners.
  • TANAP is committed to complying, in all its activities, with the applicable legislation, and with internationally accepted standards, and best business practices in the international Natural Gas pipeline sector.
  • TANAP is committed to the continual improvement of effectiveness and efficiency through the Integrated Management System implemented in every aspect of its business activities.
  • TANAP promotes the motivation and satisfaction of its employees and business partners.
  • TANAP emphasizes the importance of individual advancement and organizational improvement through further education and training, and strives to communicate the requirements of its health, safety, environmental and social policies in support of the health, safety and environmental skills and competencies of employees, contractors and others within the workplace.
  • TANAP strives to earn an international reputation for excellence, independence and responsibility of which it can be proud, and to use it for the benefit of its shareholders, clients, business partners and employees.
  • TANAP adheres strictly to the “TANAP Work Ethic Principles”.