Information Disclosure Policy

Recognizing that transparency is the key to gaining the trust of the public, TANAP has adopted a principle of keeping the public clearly informed about Project activities.

As stated in the TANAP Stakeholder Engagement Policy, “TANAP shall provide Stakeholders with accurate and relevant information on the Project impacts and benefits in a timely and culturally appropriate manner.” This Policy defines the scope of the information that will be made public, and covers TANAP and its contractors.

Information Accessibility

Information to be disclosed to the public is made available on TANAP's public website ( to the maximum extent possible, in a reasonable and practical way. Information about the project is also shared through other channels, such as correspondence, visits, meetings, etc. with the relevant Stakeholders.

The list of information available (or to be made available on a continuous basis) to the public on the TANAP website and other communication channels (announcements, meetings, etc.) is given below:

  • Host Government Agreement;
  • Intergovernmental Agreement;
  • TANAP Integrated Management System Policy;
  • TANAP Information Security Policy;
  • TANAP Health and Occupational Safety Policy;
  • TANAP Environmental and Social Policies;
  • TANAP Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA);
  • Non-Technical Summary of the ESIA;
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP);
  • Guide to Land Acquisition and Compensation Document;
  • Resettlement Action Plan (RAP);
  • Annual Environmental and Social Status Report;
  • Tender Announcements;
  • ESIA Executive Summary;
  • Biodiversity Action Plan;
  • Environmental and Social Management Plan.
  • Limited Access to Information

    Raw data available in physical or electronic media falls outside the scope of this Policy. TANAP does not respond to requests that require data selection and/or manipulation for content creation.

    Confidential Information is not available to the public. The following categories of Information are considered as "Confidential Information":

  • Confidential information received from or sent to third parties;
  • Information, the disclosure of which is likely to endanger the safety or security of any person, to violate their rights or interfere with their privacy;
  • Information, the disclosure of which may endanger the security of the Project or the proper execution of any work item or activity of the Project;
  • Information that falls within the scope of legal secrecy or regulatory procedures, or that carries the risk of undue litigation against TANAP, or that is related to internal audits and investigations;
  • All official or draft information that is a subject of internal communication and shared within the organization of TANAP;
  • Financial information, the disclosure of which could harm the financial interests of TANAP or other relevant parties;
  • Other types of information deemed Confidential due to their content or the circumstances of their creation, development or communication.
  • Processing of Information Requests

    Anyone or any organization can request information that is not available on TANAP's public website and not addressed in TANAP's Confidential Information.

    Information requests may be delivered to TANAP by post, e-mail, through the website, toll-free phone number and/or TANAP's office phone number.

    All media requests are evaluated and handled by TANAP Corporate Communication staff.

    All information requests sent to any Employee or Department are immediately forwarded to the Social Impact and Corporate Communication Departments.

    Social Impact and Corporate Communications Departments will evaluate the request, coordinate with the Responsible Departments and respond to the requesting party as appropriate.

    The Responsible Departments will provide the requested information to the Social Impact and Corporate Communication Departments as soon as possible.

    Responsible Departments will develop or improve existing methodologies for defining and establishing processes for the proper implementation of this Policy.

    In line with the limitations set forth in this Policy, TANAP may reject a request in whole or in part.

    TANAP contact details for questions/information requests are as follows:

    Mr. Barbaros Hasan TOSUN
    Social Impact Manager

    Office Phone: 0312 999 1059
    TANAP Doğalgaz İletim A.Ş.
    Söğütözü Mahallesi, Söğütözü Caddesi
    Koç Kuleleri B Blok Kat:17
    Söğütözü Çankaya / ANKARA