Health and Work Safety Policy

Occupational Health and Safety is an integral part of TANAP’s strategy, and is one of our key objectives. The health of safety of our employees and all parties involved in our strategic projects is a priority.

To achieve these objectives:

  • An effective, dynamic and ISO 45001 standard-compliant Integrated Management System applies in all activities.
  • Emergency care and treatment personnel will be employed on site to address any issues that may threaten the health of employees and corporate staff, and security measures are taken to prevent workplace disease. Employees can refuse to work in unsafe conditions, and those who do not face sanctions.
  • Awareness of health and safety issues are raised at all levels of the organization, including the partners, contractors and suppliers, and TANAP will ensure that everyone involved acts in accordance with these standards.
  • Emergency Action Plans have been prepared to steer the responses to any accidents or crises that may arise, and Accident Investigation Procedures have been prepared to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents or incidents.
  • TANAP measures and monitors each stage of the Project with studies and targets under the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, with the aim being to continually improve safety performance.